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Ferrari LeFerrari 2014

Ferrari LeFerrari 2014

Ferrari LeFerrari 2014 features

Ferrari LeFerrari 2014 Wallpapers, About.

The Ferrari is equipped with dynamic control that are integrated for the first time ever on a Ferrari road car with active aerodynamic and H-Y KERS system.The Car can Achieve absolute level s of performance.


The leFerrari architecture is the first challenge for the prancing horse team at the planning team of design.Its Centre of Gravity by 35 millimeter s.The layout of the cabin made a significant contribution in the regard.The seat is fixed and tailored to the driver.The leferrari chases features no less than four different types of Carbon-fibre. leferrrari is the finest expression of company unique unparallelled engineering and design know how ,including that accrued formula 1.

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