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Sunless taning tips

Sunless Tanning Tips

  • Try the light to Medium products if you have fair skin or the Dark formula if you have darker skin.
  • Before applying sunless tanners, cleanse and exfoliate skin with a soft loofah or cloth to achieve a longer-lasting, even tan and allow it to dry. Any dry patches will absorb too much color and your tan will look uneven.
  • When applying to the face, avoid spreading in or around eyes.
  • Use sparingly around knees, ankles and elbows where formula can develop darker. Apply a thin even coat over your body. Using both horizontal and vertical strokes or a circular motion.
    Use a sponge paintbrush, available at any hardware store, to apply self tanner to your back. Look for one that is from two to three inches in size. Wash before use and let it air dry.
  • When using spray products, spray and blend quickly and thoroughly over one body part at a time. Do not saturate. Apply a lighter amount of sunless tanning product to areas with thick, dry skin such as elbows, palms and knees.
  • Wash hands with soap and water immediately after application.
  • To tan the backs of your hands, apply with a make-up wedge in smooth even strokes being sure to blend in evenly. Tan hands and feet--If you use a self-tanner on your hands and feet, use a make-up sponge to blend well around the fingers and toes. If you take your time in applying carefully, it will look very natural.
  • Avoid contact with clothing, fabrics, furniture, and carpet.
  • Wait one hour before applying any foundation or moisturizer or before swimming or bathing.
  • Reapply as needed to maintain or deepen color.
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